Who we are...

RustyExotics Orchids (REO) was founded in 2019 by avid orchid grower and hybridizer,
Nicholas Rust. His goal was to provide the public with high quality, unique orchids
from his own hybridization program, and that is exactly what we do! We give
special attention to each and every plant out of flask, ensuring only the best,
healthiest plants make it to our shelves. We also pay special attention to
floral quality by using only exceptional and distinctive cultivars to create our
own crosses. All this ensures our plants will not only grow well but will bloom
well, too!

We mainly specialize in
terrestrial orchids, especially those in the subtribe Habenariinae. If you are searching
for any Habenaria, Pecteilis, Pectabenaria, Cynorkis, or even Bonatea, this is
your place to look! We also grow many jewel orchids and Australian terrestrial
orchids like Thelymitra. Terrestrial orchids aside, we also cultivate many Catasetum,
Bulbophyllum, and several other fun genera of orchids. Besides orchids, we have
a beautiful collection of odd aroids like Amorphophallus and Typhonium, both of
which we offer for sale several times a year as dormant tubers and the
occasional seed. Starting in 2021, we also expanded into the world of
carnivorous plants where we focus on Sarracenia, or North America pitcher
plants. With so many options, we hope to have some exceptional hybrids and amazing
line-bred species for everyone!

With our dedication to
growing healthy plants, plant culture is a huge focus of ours, and we try to
share what we do with anyone who wants to know. You can find cultural info on the
many plants we grow on our website. We also encourage you send
us an email with any other questions.
If you and your plants are happy,
we are happy!

Happy shopping, and healthy growing!

  • Dedication to our customers

    We pay immense attention to the quality of our plants to make sure that if we, ourselves, received the plant, we would be thrilled. We also strive to offer our plants at the lowest prices possible, ensuring everyone can get the plant they want.

  • Focus on culture

    We are constantly running experiments every year to improve how we culture our plants. This ensures that the most accurate information reaches our customers who also strive to grow happy, healthy plants.

  • Contact us!

    We are always happy to answer questions! For any inquiries about growing conditions, availability, or anything else, feel free to send us an email.

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